Just a little something I whipped up earlier with a piccie of some of the stash I got at You Can Make It this weekend.

Have been busy clearing out the office at work today, was finding paperwork from 8 years ago, pretty sure I don't need to keep it that long! I'm aiming for a minimilist look, particularly as the office is about the size of a stamp, two people and it's crowded!

Tomorrow I'm going to start on the noticeboards....

I'm back!

I'm back! Feeling much better, getting a decent nights sleep definately helps, as does some serious stash shopping! Had a great 2 days at You Can Make It at the Reebok, got lots of lovely new stash to stroke including Blonde Moments, Sassafrass Lass and Rob and Bob papers, lots of yummy Bazzil blossoms, Queen and Co brads, 7gypsies stickers and lots of other scrummy stuff! Frankly I was quite restrained in my spending, there were so many things I could have bought, like pretty much everything at the Art from the Heart and Scrap Revolution stands. Same time next year then, as my Mum said on the way out......

Do you like my piccy? I went all clever and arty and took a pic of myself taking a pic in the mirror, then got even more arty with it in photoshop. Quite pleased with the finished effect if I do say so myself.

Later, dudes................


Too tired to post much! Need more sleep, and to not wake up at 5am for the third day in a row...


So anyway, as I said earlier it was my last day at Ashton yesterday, so we had a night out at the Sheldon Arms, lots of drink was taken (some people more than others, Jackie you should be ashamed of yourself!!).

Earlier in the day they had given me some lovely pressies at work, a bunch of flowers the likes of which I have never seen, a gorgoeus Fossil ring that I have been lusting over for months, £50 of Hobbycraft vouchers (gonna do some serious damage with those!), a HUGE box of Thorntons Continental and a bottle of bubbly! So thankyou thankyou thankyou to everybody there!

Oh yes, they also presented me with two disposable cameras, apparently one has pics of peoples faces and the other one is objects that they match up with. Can't wait to see what is on there!

I start my new job tomorrow (Store Manager no less!) and am excited and apprehensive in equal parts at the moment. Everytime I start I new job I wonder why I do this to myself! Still, it will be fantastic not to have to go on the motorway to get to work, it's gonna save me loads of time and petrol money too. It will be great to actually be "the boss" too, I hope I am a good one!

Just got back from lunch with my family to celebrate Jessica's 12th birthday, it was all very nice and scrummy and lovely to see everyone (especially as I don't see them all that often!) Georgina has had her first proper hair cut and looks absolutely beautiful, I appreciate I am biased on that one though! Jess and Joe get more and more grown up by the minute, I know it's a cliche but where does the time go? Seriously, anybody know?!

By the way, hope you're feeling better Mum, not poorly sick anymore!

Slightly hungover

But only slightly! Had a lovely day yesterday, got some fab pressies! Will post more later (with pics!)

Just a quickie...

Just a teeny weeny quick note cos I am shortly going to bed. Last day at Ashton tomorrow, start in Bury on Monday, oh the joy of not having to travel on the M60 twice a day! Cant wait!! Also looking forward to my night out tomorrow - even if it's just me, Jackie and Fiona we will have a good laugh. Then on Sunday we are going over to Johns, and probs going out for lunch to celebrate my niece Jessica's 12th birthday (thank god she's not 13, it might have been like the beginning of Kevin and Perry when they come downstairs all greasy haired and spotty) but I haven't bought her a pressie yet, so lets hope I can find her something nice at work tomorrow!

And it's only a week till You Can Make It at the Reebok, looking forward to that with my mum, Tracey and Lesley.

Sadly I don't seem to have had much chance to do any scrapping this week, but I did go to the Range at Rochdale yesterday, and frankly I was quite impressed. They had some lovely 8x8 albums, so I got one that matches my pink 12x12 that my mum got me, and some storage boxes for all my bits and pieces. They also had the packs of American Crafts ribbons, all the downtown colours collections, but after I picked myself up off the floor I thought I had better not buy any, save my dosh for the Reebok next week. Plus we have just spent rather a large chunk of dosh on the bootiful new camera.

Well, that wasn't that short at all really, was it?


Oh dear, I didn't mean to leave it quite this long between posts! Sorree!!

Still, nothing very exciting to report I'm afraid. Still playing with my new camera, hoping to take it with me on Saturday for my last day at work to get lots of lovely pics of everybody (Ha! I'm sure they will all love that!). We're off to the pub after work, but I will have to try not to get too drunk cos we are supposed to be going for a meal Sunday lunchtime with family and goodness knows I'd rather not have a hangover!

Just looking out of the window, crikey the grass needs cutting. Any offers?

Back to work

Boo Hoo! I had to go back to work today after my lovely week off. On the plus side, I also became the owner of a fabulous new camera - the Canon EOS350 DSLR. It really is a thing of wonder and great beauty, I just need to understand a bit more about the basic principles of photography and I will be on to a winner!
Have confused myself already with ISO speeds and white balance stuff, so if anyone could explain it to me in words of one syllable I would be very grateful!
Spent the last couple of hours taking pictures of absolutely anything and everything - plants, trees, my car, the washing up, teddy bears, need I go on? Great fun!
Countdown to my new job is on - I start my new position one week today. Scary!

Glasses again....

Thanks to Vicki from UKS for giving me the idea to do a layout about my glasses, here's what I came up with this morning. I'm quite getting into the whole "clean and simple" style of scrapbooking, and I love the fact that changing the picture to black and white means you can basically use any colour paper with it!

By the way, Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Surely I should be getting some pressies.......

My new specs!

Ooooh! Scary picture! Me like new glasses though....very stylish!

Layout without the aid of the Craft Robo....

Here's a layout that I finished last night of my neice Jessica (looking all mean and moody there Jess, I bet she's thinking would you all just stop taking photos of me please!) Quite pleased with this one cos I managed to get some use from some "wordfetti" stickers and I also hand drew the title, mainly because I was doing this at about 1am and didn't think hubby would appreciate it if I set the Craft Robo going at that time!

I've had a couple of nice days out, yesterday my mum came over to see me, we did a bit of online shopping then went out to Hobbycraft and a local craft shop (which was a tip, by the way!). Today I went to see my big sis, then all three of us went to investigate a craft shop in Burnley that we hadn't been to before. It was OK, nothing special though. We stopped off at the Range on the way home and my Mum treated me to this lovely new scrapbook, so at least I don't have to keep my layouts in a pizza box any more! Thanks Mum!

Hasn't the weather been fabulous today? Having said that I have just looked out of the window and it is starting to rain, so obviously I've completely jinxed the sunshine! Ah well, never mind.

Well, here is a layout that I completed this morning. I have soooo many pictures of Disney that I thought I probably needed to do a couple of layouts with more than one picture on, so heres one with 20 pictures on! Have posted it in my UKS gallery too, and already have some lovely comments from people.

Other stuff - decided it was time to bite the bullet so to speak and have finally made an appointment to get my eyes tested. I know for a fact I need glasses, hopefully it will stop me from getting so many headaches (particularly when I am staring at the computer screen all day!). I will have to make sure that I get some frames that I actually like this time, and maybe I will wear them!


Oh, the funniest thing! Was just reading a post on 2peas, somebody described Prima flowers as "scrapbooking crack". I know exactly what they mean, but I don't have a problem, I can give it up anytime I want to......

Finally, a blog of my very own!

Well, how exciting! I thought I would have a go at this blog thing that everyone is talking about! Not really sure that I will have anything particularly exciting to talk about, and I'm sure the novelty will wear off pretty soon, but I'll see what happens.....

Sadly I have nothing interesting to talk about today, have done absolutely nothing except some cleaning (oh yes, and a teeny tiny little bit of stash shopping but don't tell anybody). Think I will go and scan some of my layouts then I can replace the crappy photos in my gallery on UK Scrappers, and I will probably finish this bag of chocolate raisins while I do it.