Grrrr! Technology!

Have been faffing about creating a "slide" for 2 days now, and everytime I try to publish it on blogger it wont show up! Bloody thing!

It was my day off today so I have spent the day doing absolutely nothing of any importance, British Gas came to service the boiler this morning (with 25 minutes notice can I just say, so had to run round like a total loonie having a shower and getting dressed while giving the bathroom a quick clean, making the bed, and generally tidying up!) and then I went to the physios this afternoon for my back, which is a lot better than it was thank goodness!

Was thinking about going to an excercise class with some of the girls from work, Body Combat, sort of a kick boxing to music type of thing, but I asked the physio today and she didn't think it was a good idea just yet. Of course, they will all think I am just trying to get out of it when I tell them at work!

I did manage to complete a layout, I'll see if Blogger will let me post it!

I also read some of my book that I have on the go at the moment - "A piece of cake" by Cupcake Brown. I only bought it cos it was half price in WHSmiths, but it's actually really good. I go through books that quickly that I'm not really fussy what I buy, just so long as it is half price I'm happy! Probably should join the library really!

Fingers crossed, there should be a piccy of my LO for you to look at......

Had to show you.....

....this layout cos I am really happy with how it turned out!


Well, I am a very happy girl cos yesterday I was the lucky winner of a compamatition on Kirsty Wisemans blog! Kirsty has been blogging for a year now, and generously offered a giveaway to someone who posted a comment, and yippee!! I won!

Obviously, that got me thinking that perhaps I might make a bit more of an effort with my blog, and here we are....

Oh, and to the lovely ladies who posted comments on here yesterday - I have deleted the post by accident (d'oh!) cos I double posted and deleted the wrong one, but thankyou for coming and blowing the dust off my bloggy!

Today I have been mostly working - then tonight we had chinese takeaway and watched X Factor and Ant and Dec. I was also introduced to a new website today, You Tube (you'll have to google it, I'm not clever enough to work out html linkys at this time of night), and the wonders of Tickle Me Elmo. Seriously, if you have never seen one of these little guys in action, it was so funny I had tears running down my face. I'm sure it would get a bit annoying after a while, but it was deffo very funny for 10 minutes! Lots of other funny video clips on there, you could spend some serious time trawling that site!

And just to finish off, here is the piccy of the beach in Albefuira Old Town that I promised you...
26th August! That was the last time I updated my blog! Thats just laziness, that is! Although in my defence, I have been on holiday for, er, well, a week! (OK, so I have no excuse really!)

We had a lovely week in Albefuira, but it was sooooo hot, I was melting for most of the day! Was nice on the beach at about 4.30 in the afternoon, paddling in the sea, but apart from that I think it was a bit too hot for me, especially as the room didn't have air conditioning. At least in the Florida heat you can guarantee your hotel room will be chilly when you get back after a long day in the parks!
Still, it was just nice to have a week away, but I don't think I would have managed 2 weeks, not enough to do!

Back to work now, we have had a lovely new wooden floor fitted in the shop instead of the grotty old carpet - it looks much brighter. Coming up to the mid season sale in a couple of weeks, it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since the last one!

I will leave you with a nice piccy of the beach at Albefuira Old Town....(or I would do if Blogger would let me upload it! Maybe later...)