Grrrr! Technology!

Have been faffing about creating a "slide" for 2 days now, and everytime I try to publish it on blogger it wont show up! Bloody thing!

It was my day off today so I have spent the day doing absolutely nothing of any importance, British Gas came to service the boiler this morning (with 25 minutes notice can I just say, so had to run round like a total loonie having a shower and getting dressed while giving the bathroom a quick clean, making the bed, and generally tidying up!) and then I went to the physios this afternoon for my back, which is a lot better than it was thank goodness!

Was thinking about going to an excercise class with some of the girls from work, Body Combat, sort of a kick boxing to music type of thing, but I asked the physio today and she didn't think it was a good idea just yet. Of course, they will all think I am just trying to get out of it when I tell them at work!

I did manage to complete a layout, I'll see if Blogger will let me post it!

I also read some of my book that I have on the go at the moment - "A piece of cake" by Cupcake Brown. I only bought it cos it was half price in WHSmiths, but it's actually really good. I go through books that quickly that I'm not really fussy what I buy, just so long as it is half price I'm happy! Probably should join the library really!

Fingers crossed, there should be a piccy of my LO for you to look at......


Roz Roz said...

Oh lovely layout, hope the back gets better soon.