Just a quickie...

Just a teeny weeny quick note cos I am shortly going to bed. Last day at Ashton tomorrow, start in Bury on Monday, oh the joy of not having to travel on the M60 twice a day! Cant wait!! Also looking forward to my night out tomorrow - even if it's just me, Jackie and Fiona we will have a good laugh. Then on Sunday we are going over to Johns, and probs going out for lunch to celebrate my niece Jessica's 12th birthday (thank god she's not 13, it might have been like the beginning of Kevin and Perry when they come downstairs all greasy haired and spotty) but I haven't bought her a pressie yet, so lets hope I can find her something nice at work tomorrow!

And it's only a week till You Can Make It at the Reebok, looking forward to that with my mum, Tracey and Lesley.

Sadly I don't seem to have had much chance to do any scrapping this week, but I did go to the Range at Rochdale yesterday, and frankly I was quite impressed. They had some lovely 8x8 albums, so I got one that matches my pink 12x12 that my mum got me, and some storage boxes for all my bits and pieces. They also had the packs of American Crafts ribbons, all the downtown colours collections, but after I picked myself up off the floor I thought I had better not buy any, save my dosh for the Reebok next week. Plus we have just spent rather a large chunk of dosh on the bootiful new camera.

Well, that wasn't that short at all really, was it?