Day 8 and 9

Day 8 and 9 of the Christmas Journal - I am caught up now!

Day 8 was purely photos - I used a template by Jen Caputo and then printed it out and fixed to cardstock, with a few buttons added on.

Day 9 - Traditions

Again, I went digi! Printed it out onto the cardstock then used some glitter embossing powder and some crystals and my bejeweller to embellish. Journalling reads -

Tradition No.1 We always open our presents as soon as we wake up! Every year, no matter how much I say I am going to have a lie in, I am always awake by about 7am, and then we make a nice cup of tea and sit down stairs opening our pressies. We take it in turns to open presents – one for me, then one for you! And we each pick which one the other has to open next!

Tradition No.2We always, always have a tree (although there have been some years where I didn’t want to – Ste always talked me round!). We also seem to have caught the Christmas light bug, we have bought quite a few to add to the collection this year! I love decorating the outside of the house too. We said that we were going to buy something new to add to the outside of the house of the house every year and we seem to be keeping up with that so far!

Tradition No.3 We take it in turns with Kev and Claire to host Christmas day – it’s their turn this year! On Boxing Day we all go to my brothers house and enjoy a second Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, and get to open more presents too!

Cant't believe it's the 10th Dec tomorrow! I really need to buy some cards / presents / wrapping paper etc! Must do that soon....


Sandra said...

I have really enjoyed looking at your Christmas journal so far. I have only done two days but I finished work (school) today for the Christmas break; so hopefully I can catch up. I think my favourite is your traditions one, I really love that.....what a great memory to read.

Latharia said...

Love that sights page ... the button corner is just perfect!