What a lovely lazy day I had yesterday - I didn't even leave the house! I played on the computer, did some scrapping, tidied my cupboards out, and that was about it really! Made a scrummy homemade lasagne for tea, watched a bit of telly, a bit more scrapping and went to bed.

After that I thought I should probably make a bit more of an effort today, so I got up at 9am (instead of 10 like yesterday!). I took a couple of pics for something for the Banana Frog gallery, then emailed it to Bev, want to see what I have done? Well, go and have a look then! Click here to go to my gallery. What do you think? I've still got a couple more Christmas LO's to do then I will get started on the Dream Street papers.

I was going to go to Scan to get a USB pendrive for my digital piccy frame but they didn't have the one I wanted in stock, so that will have to wait till another time. I went to Hobbycraft to pick up a couple of ink pads, then on to Next where I got a rather nice shirt for my hubby. After that I paid Mr Sainsbury a visit to get something for tea, and called at the Range on the way home, where I treated myself to a heat gun for the bargain price of £12.99 (much cheaper than the £29.99 that Hobbycraft wanted!)

I have just been having an embossing frenzy on scrap bits of paper - it's all very clever!

Thats about it for today, I've just had a nice cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee, might go and have a couple of chocolates from my box of Thorntons in a minute! I will leave you with a picture from our January trip to Florida - only 6 months to go till we return!