Couldn't be bothered to blog yesterday - my feet were killing me and I couldn't think straight for the pain. I bought some new boots last week when I was off, Clarks ones, and mistakenly thought they would be quite comfortable. I wore them on Monday, and they did start to rub a little bit, but I put them on again on Tuesday thinking it was just the newness wearing off, you know, like you do.

I. Was. In. Agony.

All day.

My poor litle tootsies have not forgiven me, even after a day encased in my lovely flat ballerina shoes, and I have slathered on half a tube of arnica cream (Thanks Victoria!) in the hope that it will help. I hate buying new shoes, well, I like BUYING new shoes, just not keen on the WEARING new shoes part of it. Any ideas people? I'm willing to try anything if they will just stop hurting....

So, what else have I done....oh yes, Mums Craft Robo has arrived, and words have been cut out successfully. I'm going over on Friday for the avanced tutorial, cutting out shapes from dingbat fonts you have downloaded off the internet.

I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of Ali Edwards book, I think it came today but I wasn't in, so will have to go and pick it up from the post office tomorrow.

I think thats it, really. How about a random picture? Here you go, Boggy Creek Airboats in Orlando in January....


Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

Don't forget you are coming to my house to do my advance tutorial in Craft Robo Cop. Glad your tootsies enjoyed that Arnica Cream. xx