Back at work for a week and as usual the blogging ceases to be quite so regular. For starters being at work means I haven't done anything remotely interesting, and I'm usually far too tired to do anything more exciting than aimlessly surf the internet (well, UKS really, who am I trying to kid!)

It was my day off on Friday and I went over to Blackburn to see my sister and the rest of the family - it was my sisters birthday on Thursday so I was taking her pressie over for her. We went out to Oswaldtwistle Mills for lunch and a bit of a look round Topaz, where I bought some UTEE to use with my new heat gun.

Round to Mum and Dads for the advanced Craft Robo tutorial - but they had pretty much figured most of it out for themselves so that was quite quick. Georgina was there too, according to Mum she had been chattering away before we got there, but was silenced when we walked in! Took me a good hour to get a smile from her! Also saw John and Lesley when they came to pick Georgina up.

Working on Saturday - had our usual Saturday night chinese takeaway and watched Robin Hood, and then I was supposed to be working today too, but had a last minute reprieve, so have managed to get through the huge pile of washing that was threatening to take over the bedroom instead.

It has been Cybercrop weekend on UKS this weekend - all the classes were lovely and I have saved them for completing at a later date. I did manage to get one of them completed within the deadline, Professor Sprouts class, although I did have to cheat slightly with hand drawn stitching as I don't have a sewing machine for the real thing yet! Heres the LO I did.....

The picture was taken at my brothers house when we all went round for lunch the other week. Speaking of which, here's another LO from that very occasion - haven't I been busy!

Grrr - blogger won't let me upload another picture, I'll have to try again later... done it now!

And Victoria, if you happen to read this, hope you are having a fantastic time! Try not to clear the scrapbook shops of Sydney out of all their stock, at least, not in the first week!


Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

Love those layouts, Swish....Missing you loads. Plenty of stash left in the Sydney shops, I haven't had the chance to go shopping yet!