I am a bad, bad blogger.......

...it has been 17 days since I last blogged (or so my hubby has just informed me) Bad girl! The trouble is, when your life is as exciting as mine it's hard to find the time to sit down at the PC.....oh OK, I'm joking, I'm just lazy and frankly haven't done anything interesting for ooh, lets see, probably about 17 days!

Managed to do something a bit interesting yesterday though, when I joined 59,999 other people at the City of Manchester Stadium to see Take That. What an amazing show!

Started off with Beverley Knight doing a few numbers (I'm not a big Beverley Knight fan, but she can carry a tune :-)) then the Sugababes, who were great, then the boys came on stage at about 9pm and rocked the stadium for two hours! It was fab, they did all the greatest hits, a brilliant Beatles medley, a fantastic "Tango" version of "It Only Takes A Minute" complete with all the tango moves and loads more. Lulu was there for "Relight My Fire", and despite all the rumours Robbie didn't turn up (probably cos he was at his own gig in Paris). The concert was finished off nicely with "Never Forget" and a firework display.
Only took us an hour (an hour!) to get off the car park, I think they could have organised that a bit better, especially as we paid a tenner for the priveledge of parking there. Finally got in at about 1am after a stop at the chippy on the way home, and then I watched Doctor Who, so it was about 2am before I got to bed, I think thats the latest I've been up in months!

Wasn't Peter Kay fantastic as the alien in Doctor Who? An alien with a Bolton accent no less! Mark Warren was great as Elton too (and quite scrummy)

So just one last thing - Happy Fathers Day Dad! Hope you have had a nice day!