Happy Wednesday everybody! Nothing special has happened, it's just that it is my day off, so thats a good start straight away!

Managed to do a leetle bit of scrapping today - here is the fruit of my labours (ooh er missus), yes, it's yet another holiday layout. I'm also half way through another one, maybe I will be able to show you that one tomorrow.

Apart from that it has been a pretty uneventful day, went to Tescos to do a big shop earlier, bought some new towels from Next while we were out, came home, had chicken and stuffing muffins for tea and watched Skycops and A Town Called Eureka, and then here we are again! Oh, and Roz, CSI - Erics sister got arrested for possesion with intent to supply marijuana, H managed to get her off with it, she asked H out for dinner, he said yes...and there were also some other murders, the butler did it (only kidding!)

Well, it's time for me to be off to my bed, I need my sleep if I don't want to be a grumpy knickers again tomorrow!


Roz Roz said...

thanks for letting me know, how typical, him getting her off, so not right. love the cocktails layout, could do with one of them right now. kissy wissy xxxx

Anonymous said...

fab LO Trish, oooh glad to know another CSI fan !