It's my day off today, and I have spent a terribly productive day sat in front of my laptop, still in my pj's, drinking coffee. I did manage to have a shower and get dressed at about 3 o'clock, and then we went to B&Q to get the flooring for the kitchen while the 15% off offer was still on.
So, I am suffering from a severe loss of scrapbooking mojo at the moment. Can't seem to get myself together enough to actually do anything. Need to print some photo's. No inspiration at all. Any ideas, anybody?
Anyway - you have to watch this clip, it is sooooo funny. Make sure you have the sound up or it won't make sense though!


Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

I know what you need!

A weekend extravaganza at Victoria's! Scrapping, Sainsbury's Raspberry Creme Brulee Cheesecake, loads of stash, a craft fair, two crazy children and one mad pal to do it all with! Perfect - mojo rediscovered!