Gosh, I really should get round to doing this more often!

Been incredibly warm here today, even though the heavens opened about 3pm accompanied by lots of thunder and lightening which went on till about 7.30pm. I just can't be bothered to do anything when it's this warm, so have mainly been faffing around on the laptop, trying a couple of new things out in Photoshop, surfing the net, eating rubbish and drinking strawberry milkshakes. Of course, now it's 11pm, I feel slightly sick and can't help but think that I have wasted another Sunday. Oh well.

Not had a terribly exciting week either - had to go to my first area meeting (yawn), a day and a half of sitting in a room with 14 other people talking about the end of season sale mostly. All that does for me is instill panic - you really would not believe the preparation that goes into it and frankly I'm a bit worried that I don't really know what I am doing, and I am only going to be able to blag my way through it up to a point. Never mind, I can always become a professional scrapbooker if I get the sack, I just need to find somebody daft enough to pay me for it!

Also went bowling with the other managers - felt like I was back at school when they picked teams and I was picked last. I realise they don't know me but I think that was a bit off to be honest. Still, got my own back when I got a strike with my first bowl and turned round saying "Ha! Won't pick me last next time, will you?!"

Did you watch the match yesterday? I missed most of it cos I was at work, but got home in time to see the extra time and penalties. Such a shame, still there's always Euro 2008!


Vicki C said...

ah don't you just hate the getting picked last thing? *sigh* you'd think people would grow out of that. Glad you're doing ok and keeping busy. I hope one day you can find someone to pay for your professional scrapping!!!